Window & Door Awnings

Window and Door Awnings (Retractable or Fixed)

Window and door awnings can help reduce the amount of U.V. rays and sunlight entering your home or building.

As well as giving you some convenient shade, it can also increase the life of your furniture and carpets.

These types of awnings come in retractable and fixed forms, depending on what’s most appropriate for your space.

You can also choose from a range of different canvas materials and colours to fit seamlessly in with your decor.

For example, we also have a full range of PVC awnings. This type of awning is commonly used by businesses for promotion as well as providing shade.

With this particular product we also offer end to end service, from manufacturing to installation.

Cassette Awning Solutions

Integrated awning solutions that not only look good with a modern design but also perform exceptionally well.

LLaza MaxiBox 300

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Llaza MicroBox 300

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Retractable Awnings - Gearbox and motorised

Fixed Awnings

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